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Spiceboat has a range of certified organic food products

By offering end consumers quality organic food products which are sourced directly from farmers, we make sure our involvement in the supply chain from farm to hands. Our products guarantee purity and reach your hands without the use of chemical fertilizers, additives or artificial ingredients. We go one step further to satisfy our customers- In areas where our supplies are limited, we source premium organic products from around the region of Sirsi and other places in the Western Ghats and deliver a complete range of pure products that sure serves you the best.

Local. Homely. Goodness.

At Spiceboat we believe in the very essence of sustainable and organic farming. Spiceboat is born out of a simple vision to connect the farmers from the Central Western Ghats region to the consumers from the rest of the world. Abundant with rich soil and plenty of perennial natural streams, the deeper parts of the Central Western Ghats is home to a good number of farmers who are still practicing the age-old traditional way of growing some of the high-quality spices and their products. Many of them have elegantly amalgamated the modern organic farming methods with the time-tested ancients methods that were being practiced for the past several generations in this region.


In Spiceboat you will see many items that are purely home-made and which are produced by local self-help groups with all hygienic parameters considered. You will also find some very unique products that are highly seasonal and very specific to this region only. We are quite sure you will not get these elsewhere! Some of these food products are made from ingredients like Kokum, Jackfruit, and Garcinia fruits that are harvested from the naturally occurring trees in a very sustainable manner. Hence don’t get surprised or disheartened if you see some of these products as ‘out of stock’ quite often as we can only cater so much and we don’t want the ‘pressure to deliver’ to over-power the age-old sustainable practices that our farmers are practicing over the generations.

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Although these food products are usually available in the normal retail stores of the nearby towns around which these farmers live, they are largely not available in the other parts due to the poor reach and the lack of proper channel of distribution. The idea of Spiceboat is to bridge this gap in a meaningful way so that it becomes beneficial for all. 

Spiceboat is created by farmers with the sole vision of reaching as many people as possible and to introduce our unique products that are savored in this region.


Spiceboat is a venture of “Nelasiri”, which is a registered Farmers Produce Organization (FPO).  


Spiceboat hosts the products from various co-operatives like Kadamba Marketing Souharda Sahakari Sirsi and Uttara Kannada District Regional Cooperative Organic Farmers Federation (UKCOOFED) that are actively involved in educating the farmers with modern Organic Farming methods and are helping them in getting the certification from authorized organizations.

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