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Organic Red Chilly Powder


  • Red chilli powder soothes blood vessels and regulates blood pressure.
  • Capsaicin in red chilli powder is known to increase fat burning and reduce appetite.
  • 100% Byadagi chillies are used for powder.
  • Produced as per NPOP and NOP standards.

Storage: Store in an airtight stainless steel or in glass container in a cool and dry place.



Chillies work a great deal to spice up our meals. Indian cuisine is known to contain a generous amount of spice, which not only make the food taste better but also provide many health benefits. Red chilli powder contains a compound called capsaicin that increases the body’s metabolism and it also  known to reduce inflammation and act as natural pain relief remedy.

Kadamba’s Organic Red Chilli Powder provides your dish, a bright red hue and it offers a perfect combination of colour and intense flavour with fine-ground powder.

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