Sannakki ( Aromatic Rice)


Sannakki ( Aromatic Rice) 115.00
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Manjuguni near Sirsi Uttara Kannada is a place where a pristine river Aghanashini originates. The valley of Aghanashini is well known for the unique fragrance rice variety – ‘Manjuguni Sannakki’. The meaning of ‘Sannakki’ in Kannada is short grained rice. Because of its aromatic fragrance, Sannakki is must for preparing Payasam and ‘Rice Kesaribhath’ (sweet dish famous in Sirsi region which is  prepared from Sannakki, saffron and ghee.)

It is one of the rarest varieties of rice and hence, Nelasiri Farmer Producer Company is encouraging the farmers to grow more by giving marketing facility through Spiceboat.

Net Weight : 1 Kg
Organically Cultivated
Vacuum Packed
Origin : Manjuguni – Sirsi
Premium Quality – Superior Taste

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